For the past week I had the opportunity to represent Doulos Global in a major city of a Middle Eastern nation. Together with a small team of five, we connected with Iranian believers who were reaching Iranians during the New Year celebration (Nowruz). I was humbled to serve next to the brave men and women who are God’s army spreading the gospel.

Bibles for the World supplied 5,000 copies of the New Testament in the Farsi language and were passed out as they evangelized their fellow Iranians. (These bibles have a Sim card attached so they could download the scriptures into their phone without bringing the paper\ink bible back into Iran where it is illegal.) Many of the Iranians were receptive to receive the bible presented as a gift during the Nowruz holiday.

In Iran, people are not allowed to confess Jesus as Lord\Savior or openly evangelize. (Some of the Iranian workers we paired with changed their hair color, cut their hair, and even wore different hats and masks from day to day so as not to be recognized in order to return home safely.

There are no words to express how I was moved praying for my brothers and sisters in Christ while they boldly evangelized on the streets proclaiming Jesus as Lord to their own people. This was the most humbling, emotional, and powerful experience witnessing for Christ I have ever done.

The Americans on our team were tasked with praying for our Iranian co-workers as they ministered to the people in the Farsi language. We also made sure they always had bibles in their pockets ready to give out while we walked miles every day to hand them out.

As we prayed over people, there were miracles, healings, and salvations all through the week. Many we prayed with told us Jesus appeared to them in dreams before they came on vacation. They boldly accepted Jesus right on the streets in front of mosques. Over 100 Muslims accepted Christ in the few days we were there. They were connected to a church they can reach out to online to grow in their faith.

My faith has been challenged and grown enormously on this trip. I am overwhelmed and still processing all that I witnessed and experienced. To hear the stories of people’s lives and the oppression they come from has made me realize how free we are here in America and how I need to take advantage of this freedom, TODAY, for the progress of the gospel in my own life and the people I encounter daily.

Lorraine Gerhold