Kinesiology is the study of motion or movement. I may not have all the book learning on Kinesis, but moving around the world for the last forty years has certainly given me the experience. I like to be in motion, especially motion that involves the purposes of the Kingdom of God.

Here are a few thoughts on what I call Kingdom Kinesiology for all who love to live with purpose.

We begin at the end. The book of Revelation gives us a description of the final scene in the great plan of God. Every creature who is in Christ, from all of time, will be gathered together around the throne to worship the Creator forever.

“And every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, I heard saying: “Blessing and honor and glory and power be to Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, forever and ever!” Rev.5:13

All of human history is moving towards this event – the culmination of all earthly activity. And God saw it from the beginning.

Rev. 5:13 gives meaning to time and every purpose under heaven.

Rev. 5:13 gives meaning to all movement.

Rev. 5:13 is our destiny.

Our life goal is to connect the time God has given to each of us, the purpose He has conceived for every one of us, and our movements along this great journey through life with Revelation 5:13. Everything finds meaning there. All time, purpose and movement which is not connected to 5:13 is vanity. Give that some deep thought.

The Bible is God’s self-revelation to man. Genesis 1:1 gives us the first disclosure of His Person: “In the beginning God created.” We are introduced to Elohim – God the Creator of all. Verse two reveals the Spirit of God was “moving over the face of the waters.” So, the second self-revelation of God is as a Spirit on the move. This word “moving” here means to hover; quake; vibrate – a verb; an action word. The word picture I imagine is a dragster at the starting line, prepared for the green light that will release it down the track. At the starting line this car is vibrating violently with power. The power of the engine propels it to almost 300 MPH in seconds. From the beginning, the Spirit of God’s assignment is to take the Word of God and make it happen -fulfill God’s purpose. The Holy Spirit has been moving ever since throughout the earth.

There is a difference between a manifestation of the Spirit of God and a move of the Spirit. A manifestation of the Spirit reveals God’s attribute or His character. When we see a manifestation of the Spirit in scripture, He is revealing His Omniscience (Word of Knowledge or Wisdom) or Omnipotence (Gifts of Healings, miracles), His goodness and love, even His justice and His judgment. A move of the Spirit reveals God’s purpose: Where He is going. What is His destination. God’s ultimate purpose is the reconciliation of His creation as we see in Revelation 5:13.

We identify and track the movement of God’s Spirit in the earth through those He sends. God is a Sending God. The Bible is a book about sendings and sent ones. In fact, almost all the personal encounters God is having with people in the Bible, He is sending them somewhere or to someone. Why? Because there is no reconciliation without sending (Rms. 10:14, 15). We get our word mission from the Latin word to send. God is on a mission. He sent His Son. Many were sent before the Son. Many are being sent today so that the world may be reconciled to the Creator. When the Spirit is in charge, there is a compelling sense of sentness. Where the Spirit is moving people are being sent.

I just returned from Cuba a few weeks ago. I can tell you without a doubt, God is moving in Cuba! How do I know? Gospel laborers are being sent there and sent from there. There is a move of God throughout the earth today. Look for the sendings.

When purpose or meaning is ascribed to movement, it becomes mission. There is a difference between merely going some place and being sent. Being sent is intentional: I have an appointment or a specific assignment. Being sent is also unselfish. Something can be a sending only if another party sends you, and you are sent for their sake rather than your own. God’s first encounter with Abram begins with a sending (Gn. 12). Abram, get moving! I will bless you and I will make you a blessing to all the nations of the earth. The Lord had Revelation 5:13 in mind when He calls and sends his friend, Abram. The Bible is a record of God’s movement through human history, to a predetermined destination (Rev. 5:13) through those He sends.

One more thought about Kingdom Kinesiology. If the purpose of movement is mission, and God’s mission is reconciliation, than what precedes movement? Movement which is intentional requires stimuli, impetus, incentive… Motivation precedes movement. Without the right motivation, movement is meaningless. What motivates God’s mission? “God so loved the world that He [acted; moved; sent] gave…” Any of those words is a suitable substitute. God’s love incites Him to act. Jesus was moved with compassion and He asked us to pray laborers be sent into the harvest. There we have it. Motive> movement> mission. A heart of love and compassion, compels God to send (movement) us towards His harvest (mission). The mission is ended when the harvest of the earth is gathered around His throne to worship Him forever.

Here’s our Kingdom Kinesiology equation for today: Moving in God’s mission + motivated by His love = Living like a Sent One.