Divine Appointments

Divine Appointments

One of the clear indicators that distinguish the life of a Sent One are Divine Appointments. A Divine Appointment (DA) is a person-to-person connection which is specifically and unmistakably ordered by God. These DAs are evidence God has a grand purpose for each of us and is working all things together for the fulfillment of His Master Plan. A Sent One always expects and anticipates DA connections that move God’s purpose forward.

Our encounters with people are not random, haphazard or arbitrary. A Sent One goes through life knowing his/her steps are ordered by the LORD. They have their spiritual antenna up to know how to respond to each encounter. Nothing is left to chance. Each meeting is an opportunity to give or receive God’s grace. Divine Appointments infuse our daily routines with excitement and adventure. This idea is captured in a quote I read recently: “The mundane moments in life are just endured by those whose faith is small. But those who understand the purpose of God have eyes to see every moment as a Divine Appointment and meet it with enthusiasm.”

The Bible is a continual narrative of Sent Ones on Divine Assignment, meeting up with Divine Appointments. There are no insignificant encounters. For instance, in Acts 16 the Apostle Paul is pursuing a spiritual dream where he saw a man from Macedonia beckoning him to come help. Paul moves forward, concluding God’s assignment is in the Macedonia region. He anticipates the DA when he meets Lydia, a wealthy business woman from Thyatira “whose heart the LORD opened.” The man from Macedonia in Paul’s dream was, in fact, a woman who became the first Christian contact in Europe.

Our present trip on the East Coat has been filled with Divine Appointments. God is connecting the dots making a clear picture of what He has in mind. To give you one example: we met a woman in a church service we had not seen in years. After sharing with her about our upcoming trip to Africa and the two teams who are joining us there, this woman had a prompting to join us. She will accompany Gail and I for three weeks and record ministry at four Leadership Summits and the teams traveling to South Africa and Zimbabwe. She happens to be an accomplished multimedia journalist who has produced powerful documentaries from around the world. We’ll look forward to sharing her productions with you.

It is more than a cute cliche to say, “God has a wonderful plan for your life.” You are an important link in the chain of God’s purpose which runs the course of human history. Live like a Sent One each day; on assignment for King Jesus; ready to meet the next Divine Appointment He has arranged for you. This dimension of living is your destiny.

Gail and I thank God always for those who God has appointed to be partners with us as we are sent to serve the nations. We could not, nor would we want to do ministry without you. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

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