Church Planting

Doulos Global is deeply involved with church planting in the least reached regions of the world, among Unreached People Groups (UPGs). We have helped send workers who have established self-sustaining churches in India, Nepal, Cuba, Bolivia, Uganda, Philippines, Malaysia, and Turkey. In partnership with AIMS ministries, Doulos Global is presently sponsoring Church Planters amongst the

Hausa people in Benin

Arab people in Libya

Tajik and Aimaq people in Afghanistan

Bania and Ahmadi people in Pakistan

Wolof people in Mauritania

Khmer people of Cambodia

Balinese people of Indonesia

In addition, Doulos Global is sponsoring Holistic Projects in several countries which provide support for field workers who are sent to UPGs.

Our greatest contribution to these church plants is prayer. If you care to donate to future church plants you can do it HERE. If you would like information on Unreached People Group adoption, visit


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