The Apostle Paul, writing from a prison cell in Rome, declares, even though he is in chains, the word of God is not chained. Although we have been restricted and temporarily confined by the global pandemic, the Word of God continues to go forward. In this we rejoice!
For the last two years we have been involved with Pastor Raj and his apostolic team operating in eastern Nepal. Doulos Global has sent Covid relief which has opened doors for them to share the gospel. Pastor Raj and church have a vision to win 2,000 Hindu and Buddhist souls and a goal to plant 10 new churches with 200 believers in each by the end of 2024. On a recent trip to the mountain region on the Nepal-China border, the team planted two new churches. Here is an excerpt from his report on the team’s recent mission to the mountains
“We did one common Christmas program at Gobra where we invited all villagers and their social leaders. We shared message of Christ and Christmas to them. We served good Christmas food and shared gifts of love (warm blankets ) to more than 80 widows, old and poor people. This was their first and great Christmas .Thank you very much for your prayers and contribution to make it happen. This was great time to show love of Christ to them. We did five open outreach programs. Three were held in school between students and teachers. Two were done in open small market center area. First we do some activities to attract public. As they come we preach Christ openly.
One [place we visited], Solta, was a little bit tough for us. Although we had police permission to perform some skits and dance, business men and social leaders tried to stop us but God gave us more boldness to perform and preach more powerfully because we were ready to face everything for Christ. We shared 30 blankets with drug addicts and reestablished a center. There were 36 students whom we shared about Jesus and His Love for better life. We didn’t force them to take New Testament Bible but as we said “if you wish you can know more about Jesus” about 75 % took it. Teachers and founders were totally Hindu but they allowed us in spite of their many restrictions.
Thank you very much for standing with us and making difference in many lives. We are blessed to be in connection with you and partner with you in ministry.”

Doulos Global has committed to financially support a church planters for these new churches. Pastor Raj with his church is fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus. These are precisely the people we will continue to partner with in the coming days. Thank you for your partnership with us.

“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you”
2 Thessalonians. 3:1

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