Testimony from Ceuta – Cindy Rannazzisi

Testimony from Ceuta – Cindy Rannazzisi

(I thought you would enjoy hearing from a team member who just returned from our short-term mission to Ceuta, Spain and Morocco. Cindy was such a blessing to every person she encountered, especially in our ministry to children and as a “Dental Assistant” at our big outreach. This was her first trip outside of the U.S. and I’m sure it won’t be her last. Be blessed by her experience.)

“What a blessing it was to serve with this amazing team on my first mission trip and a great pleasure to partner with the Convoy of Hope. I met the most beautiful people in Ceuta, Spain and Morocco. This was an enlightening experience to work with such a diverse group of people and feel so connected with each one. There is something to be said about uniting together for one purpose which, for u,s was to share God’s love. Even with a language barrier we were one body serving together.

In sharing, I cannot express enough on what a humbling, eye opener this trip was for me and the impact it has made in my heart. It has strengthened my faith and touched my heart for a people who do not have the freedoms like many of us do. I would like to thank everyone in my group and a big thanks to a man I greatly respect, Rev. Bob Buse, who challenged me to step out and not act by emotions and thoughts but step out with purpose in what God wills. Fears held me back for a very long time and from the sermon by Sister Gail at Sunday service the day we departed, to serving with Rev. Bob and my team, has encouraged me to live intentional, to live on purpose trusting God and doing His will, remembering what He says about His children that yes, we really can do all things through Christ Who Strengthens us. Really we can!

I would also like to thank Pastor Cesar Gil for embracing us. Your heart for people is just so warming and you truly have the joy of the Lord in you. To the amazing people I have encountered there, thank you so much for sharing your hearts with us allowing us to partner with you. I will pray for you all and keep you in my heart. I also would like to thank my pastor in my home church, Pastor Tom Feola, for his heart. If it was not for him, those of us searching, as so many are, for a church who loves God and preaches God’s love, we all may still be searching. I have come home with a greater appreciation for so much, but most of all, having a church building, a church family to fellowship with and come together praising and serving God, and a Pastor and staff who loves God and stays true to God’s Word.” Cindy Rannazzisi.

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