Tarma, Peru Report

Tarma, Peru Report



Yesterday we completed the eighth annual Tarma, Peru Leadership Summit – what a magnificent time of refreshing from the presence of God! Over 300 church pastors, ministry leaders and Helps ministers participated. The FCF National Representative and our host, Omar Oscanoa, said “it was the best one so far.”There were many teary-eyed goodbyes from hearts overflowing with gratitude when it was all over. The worship was powerful, each message built around the conference theme “Divine Connections” flowed together perfectly, and their was an abundance of personal ministry. We’re all sorry it had to end!

imagePastor Jim McClelland from Venice Florida was my travel companion and fellow-laborer. The people greatly appreciated Jim’s sincerity and transparency as he related his real life experience how God delivered him from the brink of quitting ministry and gave him a new beginning. Pastor Omar shared how the Lord connected him supernaturally with the FCF Vision and family and the meaning of “Mantle” in ministry. Powerful stuff! Their was also an amazing prophetic anointing as we laid hands on pastors and leaders who attended from around the country. They are going back home full and on fire for God.

Rejoice with us for a victorious time of ministry in Tarma and thank you all for your prayers which made it all a great success.

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