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T.J. Cummins

Meet Terrance “T.J.” Cummins. T.J. was raised in Northwest New Jersey. He came to Christ as a young adult in High School. Early in his journey of faith, T.J. recognized a call of God on his life. He completed a …
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Irfan and Vera Toska

Irfan Toska’s story would make for a sensational film on the big screen, complete with intrigue, suspense and a happy ending. Irfan was born in a small mountain village of Albania at a time when the country was controlled by …
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Jonah Shirutsi

In November of 1992, Bob taught for a week in a rural Bible School in Bungoma, Kenya. One of the young, students, Jonah Shirutsi, was so impacted by the teaching on “Enduring Faith” that he continued to communicate with Bob …
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Victor and Eunice Mwangi

Victor and Eunice Mwangi are missionaries to East Africa, sent to teach and train ministers of the gospel with the Word and leadership principles that will mature them for the Work of the ministry. “We met and have worked together …
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Omar Oscanoa Lavado

We want to introduce to you Omar Oscanoa Lavado and his wife Roxana Villegas, and four year old son Jonathan. Omar is the Pastor of Faith Christian Fellowship Peru: “Ebenezer” Church. In 1997 Omar plated Ebenezer Church in the city …
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