Nepal Update: Rebuilding the Waste Places

Nepal Update: Rebuilding the Waste Places

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and speak with FCF Relational Representative D.K. Daniel and hear firsthand his report on the relief efforts in Nepal as FCF Nepal brought food, aid and supplies to villages that were devastated by the April 25th and May 12th earthquakes.

D.K. shared about his travels to a village named Dhunge 110km away from Kathmandu. When his team came to Dhunge with relief supplies, over 300 families had just arrived from their villages escaping landslides and land splits where they were locked between the mountains above and landslides below. Some areas were so remote that a helicopter was sent to drop rice and other essentials. They are now out of immediate danger but they have lost all of their personal belongings.  The stories these survivors shared were heart wrenching. Some of them had to walk for 2 to 6 days to reach a transportation point where they could get a bus to come to the area where FCF Nepal had brought supplies. They had no tents, mattresses, blankets, food, or water. There were over 200 children between the ages of 6 month to 2 years.

D.K. shared a story about a Pastor who lost his wife, child and six of his church members during the earthquake. He traveled to the area where the FCF teFCF Nepal Relief pastoram was distributing supplies with 10 families of his congregation that had escaped. His name is Pastor Dil. Pastor Dil did not even have the luxury of grieving for his family as he immediately began to attend to the needs of his church people.

As I spoke with D.K. he shared a strategy to help Pastor Dil and other pastors rebuild their churches. FCF Nepal will partner $2,500 per church to help rebuild churches and plant new churches.  Nepal is a nation of 29,395,000 people and only .09% profess Faith in Christ. We have partnered together to bring relief to the people of Nepal, but now it is time to build and rebuild! I believe that we have an effectual door of opportunity that has opened in that nation.

Let me share what God has already done! In June, I shared about Nepal and the door of opportunity we now have to act with the pastors and leaders at the FCF Family Church Conference in Tulsa. D.K. informed me of a new church plant planned just north of Katmandu and I challenged those attending the conference that surely someone would commit to the $200 a month for a year to help this pastor launch the plant.  Immediately after the service a Pastor approached me and said they would pay the entire year.  Then another pastor handed me a check for $5,000 for Nepal and a second Pastor said they would commit an additional $2,400. Immediately we raised the funds to plant one new church and help rebuild 3 churches that were destroyed. We will be able to help Pastor Dil and others like him move forward and rebuild.

But that is not all!  I knenepal update 5w that D.K. was in dire need of a new vehicle. As he and his team traveled throughout the country, his jeep was unreliable as it is old and cannot take the rough terrain. I asked D.K. how much it would cost to purchase a vehicle and he told me $30,000.  I spoke with another FCF Pastor asking if he would consider partnering $10,000 to $15,000 toward this vehicle. He went to his Church leaders and challenged them to commit the entire $30,000.  This pastor asked to meet with Bob and I early the next morning and as he shared with his church leaders they all agreed and he slid a check for $30,000 across the table to me! Yes, I cried! Our God is so good. I believe that if we are willing to be stretched and step out, He will bring the finances necessary to advance the Kingdom of God so that the Gospel of Christ can come to a people who have not heard; whose blind eyes will be turned from darkness to light, from the power of Satan unto God!

Are you ready to do your part? It may not be a full $2500 to rebuild a church or plant a church, but we can all do something! Let’s not miss our opportunity in Nepal.

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