Church Plants Malaysia

Church Plants Malaysia

Doulos Global is actively involved in planting churches in the least reached regions of the world. We presently support 2 church plants in Malaysia among previously “unreached” tribal peoples.

Francis and FamilyThe first is in the town of Bestari Jaya. Pastor Francis Rajan and his wife, Rhanu, meet in their home.

Gail and I had the privilege of laying hands on Francis for ordination into ministry in 2016.



The second plant is in Sabah, on the northern part of Borneo Island, East Malaysia. Pastor Sherly (Shelly) Mosidin and her husband Norman started the work in July 2016 among a large pagan population. They now have 53 members; 12 families; 16 youth 17 children in Sunday School; and have baptized 27 members.

68D71122-F93A-41A1-9E36-5BE33529194EThe average cost to plant a new church in Asia is $150 a month. Doulos Global commits 1-2 years financial support until these churches are self-sustaining. If you would like to sponsor a church plant, we have workers ready to be sent. All they need is a sender. Contact us if you desire to send a worker and sponsor a new church.7E751E94-41D8-4F79-989C-2FDBC66AB43EC2A59F31-324E-48E0-995B-0B09B2CBF8DB


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