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Planting new churches among the least-reached and unreached people groups is a major priority of Doulos Global.
Due to the hostile environments towards Christian ministry where these churches are planted, we are careful to protect identities. Here is a brief profile and report on several new works.
Bahadur and Kopila are serving in the southern part of Chennai, India. There are over 100,000 Nepalese from north/east India, Bhutan, Sikkim and West Bengal, Nepal and North West India. 75% of them will be returning back to their place as missionaries and could start new fellowships winning souls and making disciples. Bahadur and his wife are bible school graduates and have a 7 year old son, Muksam.

Before they went to Chennai they were ministers in Nepal. His one brother lives near Chennai. His other brothers are in east Nepal and Kathmandu as pastors. Bahadur is a good man and passionate to win souls. Presently he has a small fellowship called ‘Home Church”.

Candra and Sarala Tamang are from eastern Himalayas. They were members of Baptist Church and attended spirit-filled Bible School where they received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. He served with semi-government institution from young age for 18 years and he switched to hotel business. His hotel was best in Hill Station City. A few years back he had an encounter with Jesus, so he left his hotel business, spent a year praying for guidance and felt led to enter in church planting ministry. He moved down to plain leaving behind everything.

Now Chandra is in a small town near the city. The town has 50,000 of mix population in 5 km radius. He has family fellowship. 

Pastor Marco in CUBA. We visited this fledgling work with our Team last year and are helping to establish this congregation.

Churches cannot own property in Cuba, so new works meet wherever they can.

Pastor Richard in UGANDA is working in a predominately Muslim area.

He reports wonderful growth in the short time since he started.

Pastor Erdem and his wife have a vision to reach TURKEY a nation with a total population of over 78 million and less than 15,000 true believers.

They have started a weekly church service and do outreach in the city of Ankara including among the Gypsy community.

We are helping apostle Dawa in the northern regions of NEPAL which border Tibet. Our brother is bearing fruit of new Christ followers being baptized in His Name.

Doulos Global is now beginning to support brother Phudarke, a former monk, working in the Dolpa region among Tibetans.

Pastor Manju is establishing a new congregation in Bangalore, INDIA among the Nepalese diaspora.

She frequently returns to Nepal to minister and continues to plant churches in remote areas of Nepal.

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