Doulos Global Ministries is co-sponsoring a Ministry Tour to Ukraine in May of 2017.  The dates for the Tour are May 12-20, 2017. The Tour “team” will be staying in the historic city of Lviv*. The Tour Host will be Rev. Mark Willhite (Praise Life Ministries). Mark has been a close personal friend of Gail and me for nearly 40 years. He currently resides in the Ukraine and travels extensively to the world. On this Tour you will meet many of the people we have worked with in Ukraine and throughout Europe, attend church services, participate in a Leadership Summit for ministers across Europe (May 15-18), and experience, for yourself, the amazing opportunities and openness to bless this nation.img_4285

The cost of the trip is $1,600 which includes airfare from Newark Liberty A/P, hotel accommodations, breakfast/dinner in Lviv, and offerings for Ukrainian helpers, drivers, and translators.  (You will also want to bring some spending money for souvenirs and incidentals.) A non-refundable deposit of $200 is needed to secure your spot on the tour. This should be sent as soon as possible to: Doulos Global Ministries; P.O. Box 15495; Brooksville, FL 34604. (Checks made payable to “Doulos Global.”

Once your place on the team is secured, we will send you more detail to help prepare for the trip.

Please pray about joining this exciting adventure. I guarantee you will be changed, blessed, and increased by God as you come and share your anointing and supply of the Spirit: meeting and enjoying fellowship with the precious saints in Ukraine. What’s more, I believe you will make life-long connections in God. If you are interested, I ask that you simply respond quickly and send a deposit check to the Doulos Global address above so we have an idea who will be coming . Our Group Block with the airline is for 12 persons. img_4273

*Lviv is the largest city in western Ukraine and the seventh largest city in the country. It is also a home to many world-class cultural institutions, including a philharmonic orchestra and the famous Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The historical heart of the city, with its old buildings and cobblestone streets, survived Soviet and German occupations during the Second World War largely unscathed. The old walled city was at the foothills of the High Castle on the banks of the River Poltva. It is a wonderful walking city with many fine and reasonably priced restaurants. You will enjoy ideal springtime weather as you experience the sights, sounds, cuisine, people and culture of Lviv, Ukraine.img_1950